We believe in nourishing our children inside and out. We know the importance of providing nutrient rich food and the role it plays in the overall well-being of children.


All of your child’s food is provided by the Centre. We have worked with a respected Dietician to develop a menu that is high in nutrients and low in sugar. Best of all, it has been tried and tested by the children… and they love it (even the fussiest of eaters)!  Cooked on site by our wonderful qualified chef - you can be assured that your children are nourishing their bodies perfectly for a day full of adventure and play.   

Just like family meals at home, mealtimes are a special time at The Giraffe Learning Center.  Children are encouraged to take time to enjoy their food.  They are encouraged to serve themselves, clear their own plates, develop table manners and show appreciation and gratitude for their food. 

We love to share and are fully committed to helping out on the food front wherever we can. We provide recipes of some of our meals to our families so you too can be inspired to make healthy food that kids love to eat!

We also cater for a wide range of allergies, intolerances and cultural preferences.

Morning Tea

Wholemeal Toast


Mini Zucchini oat muffin


Corn Cheeses roll up


Banana Loaf


Wholemeal pita bread


Greek style lamb & vegetables with brown rice Roast chicken breast served with garlic parmesan

Beef balls

Pasta salad

Baked fish fillets with lemon parsley crust chunky roast vege Vegetarian macarni cheese
Vegetarian Option

Greek style Quorn & vegetables

with brown rice

Falafel with garlic

Parmesan crisps

Veggie platters

Vegetarian patty with pasta salad Quorn with chunky roasted veggie Vegetarian macaroni cheese
Baby/purée Food

Kumara carrot purée

Cauliflower corn purée Broccoli potato purée Chickpea pumpkin purée Lentil pea apple purée
Afternoon Tea
Platter of fruit, vegies, cheese, corn thins Fruit, berry yoghurt,apple oat cookies

Cranberries coconut scone


Anzac slice


Fruit bliss ball with oat

Summer Menu week 1

2 x 4 week seasonal menu's including nourishing recipes, babies options and allergy friendly options.


sample meals