Our Programme

Our early learning programme is developed to allow children to learn at their own pace in their own way. We work collaboratively with you and your preschool child to recognise their individual learning goals and aspirations.  Our early education teachers provide support and opportunities for your child during their time at The Giraffe Early Learning Centre to help them reach these goals.

We believe play is key to a child’s development.  Play is a child’s unique way of learning about the world.  We provide opportunities for both spontaneous play and more structured activities for those children who enjoy this challenge.  

Learning environments at The Giraffe Learning Center are calm and unhurried.  We aim to allow time for rich conversations and opportunities for our children to grow and learn as individuals.  We provide children with the freedom to explore and make their own discoveries whilst supporting a sense of wonder and curiosity.

We are aware and responsive to children’s cultural identity, incorporating and extending this though many aspects of our programme.

Our teachers delight in children’s learning and love to discover and learn alongside our children.


Excursions vary each year and may include a trip to the zoo, a musical show, stardome, the museum, or other venues, occasions and opportunities as they arise that relate to our learning and programme.

Specialist Programmes

In addition to regular activities that appear in our daily programme, The center have a specialist programme that includes off-site experiences such as trips and plays, together with visits from providers such as creative dance, balls, gymnastics, swimming, speech and drama, French or Spanish and music programmes.

Our teachers also have a range of skills that include dance, art, music, yoga, science and foreign languages.